Program Statement

Parent Engagement

In the spirit of co-operation on which our program is based, parents and teachers work together. The continuity between home and the program helps to ensure an atmosphere of acceptance and love. Parents are viewed as partners, collaborators, and advocates for their children. It is our aim to provide an environment in which all children feel free, safe and comfortable, enabling the children to follow their urges to explore, discover, thrive and develop a love of learning. We believe that the learning environment that consists of collaboration between children, families and Educators working together provides for the holistic development of the child.

We encourage regular and ongoing communication with parents. Communication with families and other professionals about children’s learning, development, and progress/wellbeing can be done in a variety of ways including by phone, email or through written and posted tools such as using Bulletin Boards to display children’s artwork and photographs, reflective pedagogical documentation, newsletters, surveys, and portfolios.(Toddler and Preschool programs only). This will capture the rich experiences and learning that occur in the program.

Kids Come First has an open door policy and families are welcome at all times. Educators will encourage families to take part in the program and investigations whenever possible. In addition, we provide events throughout the year that promote family involvement including family breakfast drop in, community events such as potluck dinner, BBQ, Halloween event as well as information sessions, program surveys, Educators and family conferences and ongoing daily in person communication.

Kids Come First believes that family or parental involvement helps extend teaching outside the classroom by creating a more positive experience. The connection between the program and the home is a key component of a child’s development that supports further learning for the child.

The Educators will work with parents to ensure that they are connected to resources outside of the Centre if needed, and to community partners such as Early Intervention Services, Occupational therapists, Social workers, Speech therapists, and other support services. Kids Come First also has a variety of resources such as videos, articles and books that can be signed out to families.