Program Statement


Community involvement is essential in maintaining a supportive, nurturing and educational environment. Kids Come First views the community as a valuable resource and our Educators plan learning opportunities to engage the community in our programs. We seek out opportunity to share our knowledge and to learn from others in the community.

All of our locations are hosted in community schools and we value the strong relationships we build with the Principals, teachers and school personnel. We strive to plan a seamless day for School Age programs. Wherever possible we build collaborative relationships with our shared space teachers and share equipment and supplies to provide a seamless environment for the children.

Health and Safety

The health and safety of adults and children is extremely important to us. Kids Come First meets and strives to exceed all health and safety requirements of the Ministry of Education and local government policies and requirements. Policies have been put in place to ensure that appropriate safety precautions and inspections have taken place. Where required, Kids Come First has 3rd party inspections to ensure compliance.

At Kids Come First, all programs are re-evaluated regularly to reflect changes within The Child Care Early Years Act and current research in Early Childhood Education curriculum. At regular intervals throughout the year, information will be sent out to share with families about what is happening within the programs, as well as topics of interest and future events. In addition, Kids Come First will evaluate the environment on an annual basis to review interactions indoors and outdoors between Educators and children, Educators and families and interactions with materials, space and activities in the environment.