Program Statement

Educators will provide child-initiated and adult supported experiences throughout the day. The Educators will observe the children and use that information to plan and create a positive learning environment that is based on the interests of the child, and supported by all the adults in the program. Educators will provide provocations and inquiry based learning opportunities using open ended materials to expand the children’s problem solving skills, experiences, knowledge and life experiences.

Educators will reflect on “How Does Learning Happen?”, by reviewing their observations and engaging children in meaningful activities, by maintaining communication with parents and building trusting relationships with the families, by working with their co-workers to create a safe and healthy environment and by taking the time to engage in self-reflection in a regular basis.

Kids Come First views each of our Educators as competent and capable, and gives them time to be heard and respected, and to reflect on their own performance and their contributions to the environment and the development of each child in their care. Using the Program Statement as a basis for a performance Appraisal, the Director or designate will ensure that observations, interactions, reflections and conversations are used to monitor all Educators and their implementation of the Program Statement.

Kids Come First will meet, on a regular basis, with each team to establish a clear understanding of the program statement, to support Educators in their delivery of the Program Statement and to aid the Educators in self-reflection. Supervisors/Executive Director will observe the Educators’ interactions with children ensuring that they align with the Kids Come First Program Statement and beliefs in adult-child interactions. Records pertaining to monitoring of Kids Come First Program Statement will be kept for a minimum of 3 years.