Program Statement

Prohibited Practices

Kids Come First strives to ensure that children have a safe and positive experience that promotes their growth as a learner. To this end, Kids Come First will observe Educators interactions with children ensuring that they align with the program statement and with Kids Come First’s expectations regarding positive child-adult interactions. All Centre employees are prohibited from the following practices under the Child Care and Early Years Act:

  1. Corporal punishment (physical punishment such as hitting, spanking, kicking, heavy pushing, shoving, grabbing, squeezing arms, ears, etc.);
  2. Deliberate harsh or degrading treatment that would humiliate a child or undermine his or her self-respect;
  3. Depriving the child of basic needs (i.e. food shelter, clothing, and bedding). Food should not be used to discipline children at lunch or snack time;
  4. Locking the exits of the Centre for the purpose of confining the child; and
  5. Using a locked or lockable room or structure to confine the child if he or she has been separated from other children.

Corporal punishment and other harmful disciplinary practices are forbidden in order to protect the emotional and physical well-being of children. These practices are never permitted at the Centre. Rather, the children benefit from an affirming approach that encourages positive interactions with other children and with adults, rather than from a negative or punitive approach to managing unwanted behavior.

Contravention of Prohibited Practices and Positive Interactions

  1. Any child care employees or volunteer observed using disciplinary measures that contravene the Child Care and Early Years Act shall be reported immediately to the Supervisor/Executive Director. He or she will take immediate steps to investigate the alleged incident.
  2. The Centre Supervisor/Executive Director will conduct a meeting with the Employee immediately at which time the Supervisor/Executive Director will ensure that the incident is documented, and a copy is placed in the employee’s file. Depending upon the severity of the conduct, the Supervisor/Executive Director may implement progressive discipline in accordance with Centre policy. 
  3. Any further instances of contravention, Executive Director will meet with the staff and implement progressive discipline up to and including termination. The nature of the contravention of this policy may require the Supervisor/Executive Director to report the incident to the College of Early Childhood Educators or to the Ministry as a serious occurrence.
  4. Documentation will be kept and filed at each step.