Volunteer and Student Supervision Policy


The responsibilities and limitations of the volunteer or student will be outlined in detail by the Executive Director or her designate during the interview process. The responsibilities and limitations will be directly related to the assigned position and therefore will vary.


  • Familiarity with all policy and procedures of the Centre
  • Respect for all aspects of confidentiality related to the Centre, staff, children and their families
  • Report any suspicions of child abuse to the local Children’s Aid Society
  • Make an initial commitment to Kids Come First for a length of time mutually agreed upon with the Executive Director
  • (For students) Determine the length of time that will be agreed upon by the educational institute and the Centre.
  • Complete responsibilities as assigned by the Executive Director or its designate


  • Volunteers must always be supervised by an employee at all times.
  • Volunteers and students must never be left alone with a group of children.
  • Volunteers and students are not considered part of the Act ratios.
  • Volunteers are not responsible for the planning or evaluation of staff’s program plans; however, their ideas in program planning are welcomed. Students will collaborate with their designated RECE with respect to program assignments from the Educational Institution.
  • Volunteers and students are not to communicate a child’s progress with parents/guardians.
  • Co-op students are not to be in charge of a group on field trips.