Volunteer and Student Supervision Policy


Volunteers: a meeting will be scheduled after a one-month period for the following purposes:

  • Reviewing the suitability of the volunteer for his or her specific position.
  • If appropriate, re-assigning the volunteer to another position.
  • If appropriate, continuing with the volunteer position and conduct a performance review at the three (3) month period.
  • Providing ongoing support and supervision.

Students: the designated RECE will establish a regular meeting schedule with each student they are supervising. Meetings will comply with educational institutes as required. The supervising RECE will also complete all pertinent evaluation required by the educational institute.


All volunteers and students are expected to dress comfortably and respectfully.


Section 57 (1) to (3) of The Child Care Early Years Act states that each person working in a Child Care Centre is to have a health assessment and immunization(s) as recommended by the local medical officer of health, except where the person objects in writing to such immunization(s) or religious grounds or a legally qualified practitioner gives medical reasons in writing to the operator as to why the person should not be immunized.  An exception form must be notorized in order to be valid. However, in such situations the Centre reserves the right to refuse the application of any volunteer or student who has not complied with the Health Assessment requirements.


  1. A 2 step-2 part TB skin test or Chest X-Ray
  2. Up to date Immunization(s) or written statement of refusal.(Notarized waiver is required)
  3. Any Local Requirements . (Differences may occur based on municipality of the Centre)
  4. Must be fit to work in Child Care.

Please note anyone who is not immunized will not be permitted to volunteer during a communicable disease outbreak.

It is the responsibility of the Executive Director or Designate to explain necessary medical requirements and issue the enclosed Medical Information form in the package. The volunteer is to have this form completed by a physician of their choice and returned to the Centre prior to commencement of duties


NOTE: The Volunteer and Student Supervision Policy will be reviewed by all employees before commencing employment and annually afterwards. Employees will be required to sign and date that they have reviewed and will adhere to the terms and conditions set out in the policy. 

Parents will be informed of policy in the Parent Handbook or by a letter.