Administration of Medication

The purpose of this policy is intended to ensure that Kids Come First has established an approved procedure, allowing drugs to be appropriately administered.  Staff are made aware of their responsibilities and children are safeguarded by receiving drugs according to an established routine.


Kids Come First will only administer PRESCRIPTION drugs issued to the child, in accordance with provincial legislation (Child Care Early Years Act).

  1. Written authorization from the parent on a Kids Come First Medication Form, including dosage and times the drug is to be taken.
  2. A parent must hand deliver the medication in the original container, clearly labeled with the child’s name, the name of the drug, the dosage, the date of purchase and instructions for storage and administration of the drug.  All medication will be kept in a locked container and stored according to storage instructions and the keys will be kept in a secure place.
  3. The medication must be administered in a well-lit area and whenever possible all children receiving medication should receive it at the same hour.
  4. Leftover medication or surplus of medication should be returned in the original container to a parent of the child or safely discarded with parental permission.
  5. For each child receiving medication, an entry must be made on the “Medication Consent Form”.  Staff giving the medication must list each dose administered and the time.  If a dose is omitted, reason must be listed.
  6. For each child receiving medication on a daily basis or for a long period of time, a “Scheduled Medication/Treatment Record” will be filled out.  Staff giving the medication must list each dose administered and the time.  If a dose is omitted, reason must be listed.
  7. Any accidental administration (i.e. medication to the wrong child or wrong dose) must be recorded and reported to the Executive Director, Supervisor and/or Designate, who must then notify the parent of the child.
  8. One E.C.E. from each program is assigned the responsibility of administering all medication to the children in their program if it is required.  In the absence of the E.C.E. another E.C.E will be designated.
  9. If the date on the label has expired, Kids Come First will inform the parent that we cannot administer the medication to the child.
  10. It is the parent’s responsibility to notify the staff about medication the child is taking at home only, including cough syrup, etc.  The parents should also inform all staff if there are any food restrictions due to the medication the child may be taking.
  11. Over the counter medication will not be administered to any child without a written note from the doctor indicating the dosage required, when to administer and symptoms to look for if applicable.
  12.  Medication for Children who require an asthma inhaler or require an EPI-Pen/Allerjet cannot be locked in a container or cupboard. Asthma or Epinephrine medication will need to be readily available to child in the event of an asthma or anaphylactic attack. Asthma inhalers and epinephrine can be kept in the teacher’s emergency bag or in the child’s bag provided the child’s bag goes with the child indoors and outdoors and the bag is kept out of the reach of children.