Administration of Medication

Kids Come First will only administer the medication prescribed to the child in accordance with The Child Care Early Years Act (CCEYA). The staff will not administer medication that belongs to someone else, any expired medication nor any over the counter medication without a prescription. Parents must hand-deliver the medication in the original container, clearly labeled with the child’s name, the name of drug, the dosage, the date of purchase and instructions for storage and administration of the drug. The parents must fill out a written authorization on a Medication Consent Form, including details relevant to the administration of the medication and any food restrictions the child may have while on the drug. It is the parent’s responsibility to notify the staff about medication the child is taking only at home, including cough syrup, etc.

Medication will be kept in a locked container and stored according to instructions. The Early Childhood Educator (ECE) in the program will have the responsibility of administering all medication to the children in his/her group if it is required. In the absence of the ECE another ECE will be designated. An entry will be made on the Medication Consent Form indicating each dose administered and the time. If a dose is omitted or there is an accidental administration of medication (i.e. medication to the wrong child or dose error) it will be recorded on the Consent form and reported to the Executive Director or designate, who must then notify the parent of the child.

Children requiring medication for anaphylactic reactions are to provide a labeled and up-to-date EPI-PEN and are required to fill out an anaphylactic reaction protocol form.

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