Centre Initiated Withdrawal Policy

Kids Come First Child Care Services (the “Centre”) strives to provide excellent service and to meet the needs of all children in the Centre’s care.  However, the Centre reserves the right to withdraw services in circumstances where it is determined that is in the best interest of the program, the staff or the children. 

 Suspension of Service

Upon learning of alleged misconduct or a serious incident that could compromise the Centre’s ability to effectively provide service or which creates a safety risk within the program, the Centre reserves its right to require a Parent to immediately pick up a child from the Centre’s care.  In such cases, the Centre may suspend service to the affected family for a duration which will enable the Centre to review the circumstances, assess any risks and make decisions necessary to ensure that the best interest of the Centre is not compromised. 

During the suspension period, the Parent may be requested to provide input or provide information related to the alleged misconduct or incident, as necessary.  The parent will be notified of when the period of suspension is expected to end, and will be met with to discuss any findings and/or decisions that result from the Centre’s review.   

Kids Come First can provide the complete Policies and Procedures handbook upon request.

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