It is imperative that the staff and the parents engage in good communication. The following initiatives are directed at ensuring effective communication between parents & staff:

  • The parent is required to speak to the staff member involved if there is a concern.
  • If the parent feels dissatisfied with the outcome of the situation, the parent should contact the Supervisor to discuss the situation.
  • If the parent feels the situation has not been resolved with the Supervisor, contact the Executive Director or her Designate.
  • If the situation is still unresolved, a written request for resolution can be addressed to the Chairperson of the Board of Directors. This written request should include a brief description of the situation and the steps that have been taken and the desired outcome.
  • The Chairperson will ensure that the request is dealt with at the next scheduled Board meeting. The Chairperson will notify the parent(s) in writing of the proposed action plan.

Kids Come First can provide the complete Policies and Procedures handbook upon request.