Ill Child Policy

Kids Come First Staff carry out regular health inspections of all children as they arrive each day and follow the Department of Public Health’s regulations to determine any illnesses.

Your child may be refused admittance and require a doctor’s note if any of the following are noted: 

  • unusual skin rash
  • heavy mucous
  • red and/or irritated eyes
  • diarrhea for three days    
  • head lice/nits
  • discharge from eyes/ears
  • any communicable disease
  • persistent pain
  • any communicable disease
  • persistent cough/Strep
  • unusual/infectious looking sores

 and/or any of the following symptoms:

  • A cold that hinders day to day functioning
  • A sore throat
  • Fever
  • Digestive upset– diarrhea (after second occurrence)
  • Digestive upset–vomiting (after first occurrence)
  • An earache
  • Swollen neck glands

If the child becomes ill during the day, the parent will be contacted to pick the child up as soon as possible. It is, therefore, essential that staff be able to locate the parent(s) or designate should an illness or emergency arise. A sick child does not function well at school and his/her presence may infect others. Please be prepared for emergency care at home when necessary.

If a child is absent due to illness for 3 or more days or the child has a communicable disease such as Pink Eye, measles, strep throat etc. a Doctor’s Note is required to accept the child back into the program.  Kids Come First does not require a note for a child who has been away with Chicken pox; however, we do require that a child not return until the spots have scabbed over.

It is Kids Come First’s right to refuse admittance to a child for any of the above reasons and parents must abide by such decisions.

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