Emergency Closure Policy

Kids Come First is committed to having our programs open on all scheduled days. We recognize that emergencies beyond the Centre’s control such as the breakdown of essential services (hydro, heat and/or water) or inclement weather days can occur. We must consider the safety of all students and staff when we make decisions regarding full day closures or early closures due to emergency conditions.

In the event that Kids Come First will need to close the centre due to any emergency condition and/or when the adjacent/host school has decided to close, the staff will call or email families for an early pick up. Should KCF be unable to open our program in the morning, a message will be left on the centre’s voice mail. Parents are asked to call in to the centre on severe weather days to confirm that KCF is open.

Closure due to job action or strike: 

  • In the event of a job action or strike involving the Public School personnel, every effort will be made to keep the Centre open and operating at full capacity.  A job action or strike causes restrictions to the hours of operation and or programs offered.  If there is a complete lockout, the Centre may not be able to operate as normal.

Closure due to Health & Safety or other circumstances: 

  • Due to unforeseen circumstances, the Centre may be required to close for health or safety reasons (i.e. Illness outbreak, fire, flood, etc.)

Closure due to weather conditions: 

  • If the School Board determines that the schools must close early due to severe weather conditions, the Centre will advise parents to make arrangements to pick-up their child(ren) earlier than usual. If a trip has been scheduled for the day and is cancelled due to weather, the trip portion will be credited to families.