Supervision Procedures

Kids Come First will ensure that children are supervised at all times. From time to time school aged children will need to leave the program room to go to the washroom and/or to get something that will take them away from the group. Children leaving the room will be sent in a “buddy system”. This means that a minimum of two (2) children will be sent together and will return together.

Children in the toddler and preschool rooms will be accompanied by a teacher to the washroom. If the washroom is within the classroom and a teacher has a view of the area, a preschool child can use the facilities while the teacher observes from the room.

For School Age Children, Kids Come First will arrange to use a washroom space within the classroom (i.e. kindergarten rooms) wherever possible. If there is no access or the washrooms are being used, the children will be directed to the nearest washroom space. Staff will use their walkie talkies to inform the other staff that the children are on their way. Once the children have finished and are ready to return, the teacher will radio their classroom teacher that the children are on their way back.

If children are using a washroom in the main area of the school, children will also be sent in the “buddy system”. A teacher that is in direct view of the washroom doors will stand in the doorway of the classroom ensuring that the children have reached their destination. If a washroom is around the corner, the teacher will still stand in the doorway under the children return. Staff will monitor the time the children have been gone. Staff will decide what a reasonable amount of time that the children can be gone from the room before a search of the area is put into place. (i.e.3-4 minutes for a washroom break)   

Staff must use their walkie talkies to communicate with each other when children are out of the view of staff. If the children’s return is delayed due to a reason such as can’t locate the items the children require, a staff will radio that the children will be delayed. That staff must radio when the children are returning to the program.