Individualized Plan for Children with Medical Needs

Kids Come First, in conjunction with parents and/or physicians, will develop strategies and procedures to ensure the health and well-being of children with medical needs while in the program, off site on a field trip or during an evacuation. The medical needs may include the use of medical devices (such as asthma inhalers, equipment for the management of Diabetes etc.) to help manage the medical need or in the event of a reaction/emergency. 

Effective September 1, 2017,  all children with Medical Needs will be required to fill out a form that will include details of the medical need, symptoms to look for in the event of a reaction/emergency and strategies that will be put into place. These strategies, in addition to the training of staff, students and volunteers, may include food avoidance, reducing of causative agents, monitoring of the medical need, description and instruction of the medical devices and/or medication to be used, procedures to be followed in the event of an allergic reaction or other medical emergency supports that will be available to Kids Come First.

Kids Come First can provide the complete Policies and Procedures handbook upon request.

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