Medical Emergency Procedures

Upon registration, a written consent form is to be filled in by the parent which authorizes the Supervisor/Executive Director to send a child to a hospital in the event of an emergency. The staff will inform the parent(s) of any occurrence/accidents that require first aid treatment. Should a child require emergency medical attention, a staff member will accompany the child to the hospital until the parent arrives.

For any accident that occurs in the program, an Accident form must be filled out by the staff member who witnessed the accident and must be signed by the parent or guardian of the child.

In the event of a major accident, where it is judged that a trip to the hospital is required, one staff will take the Emergency File Information and go with the child to the nearest hospital by ambulance. The other children will be gathered and returned to Kids Come First as soon as possible. The Executive Director or designate will contact parent(s) to meet the child and the staff at the hospital with the emergency file.


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