Nut & Peanut Policy

In accordance with the Health Protection and Promotion Act, all food that is served to the children at Kids Come First must be baked or cooked at the Centre and/or must be purchased from an approved source. An “approved source” is a food premise that is government inspected. For this reason, foods which are prepared at the homes of parents and staff, are not to be served to the children. (An exception is made for parents providing food for their own child.)

If parents/staff wish to provide food for special functions such as birthdays, holiday parties etc., it is recommended that the food, from an approved source, is non-hazardous. A hazardous food is one which is capable of supporting the growth of harmful organisms [e.g. cream filled cake].

A log will be kept at the Centre to record any food that this brought in by parents/staff from an approved source. This log will document the type of food brought in, where the food was purchased, who brought the food in and when it was brought in.


Forest Run Public School and Kids Come First are both Nut-Free. No products that contain peanuts, nuts of any kind or any nut by-products will be served to children at Kids Come First. Any products or items that contain the label “may contain traces of nuts” are not to be brought into the school. This includes items such as Timbits, donuts or cookies from donut shops or bakeries that cannot guarantee that their products are nut-free. Kids Come First has several children with severe peanut/nut allergies. Please help us ensure Kids Come First is safe for all our families and staff. Check all labels of any foods or snacks you send in with your child.

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