Bagged Lunch Policy

It is the policy of Kids Come First to ensure that there is a written bagged lunch policy that is consistent with the Ministry guidelines regarding nutrition.  

Kids Come First provides a healthy breakfast along with juice and milk to children in the Before School program. The children in the After School Program are provided with nutritious snacks along with juice.

On P.A days and Holiday breaks when Kids Come First runs a full program, children will be provided with morning and afternoon snacks while children will provide their own bagged lunch under the following guidelines:

  1. Lunches must be peanut and nut free. All food labels must be read to ensure that the food product has not been contaminated with nuts or nut products.
  2. A list of allergies will be posted in each classroom. Children may be required to avoid bringing in other foods related to children’s allergies or illnesses.
  3. Lunches and drinks should be labeled to ensure there is no confusion.
  4. Parents will be asked to provide ice packs for children’s lunches that require refrigeration. If a child forgets their ice pack, Kids Come First will either provide one or those lunches will be stored in the Centre refrigerator for the day.
  5. Lunches should follow the Canada food guide to ensure the children receive proper nutrition. Examples of nutritious lunches include: 100% juice box, Turkey and cheese on multigrain bun, grapes and nutrigrain bar.
  6. CANDIES, CHIPS, POP, CHOCOLATE AND STICKY FOODS are to be avoided because of their low nutrient value and their high sugar content. From time to time we do serve these items on special occasions however we ask that children do not bring these foods in their lunch.
  7. In the event a child forgets their lunch, the teachers will provide a drink, a fruit, and a cheese or jam sandwich with a nutrigrain bar.

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